Traditional Grozer biocomposite White Tatar bow G/99


Larger and more C-shaped than the Turkish bow..


Total length: 56”
Length between siyahs: 39”
Length strung: 50”
Max. draw length: 32”
Brace height: 7 ¼”

Bow characteristics:

Larger and more C-shaped than the Turkish bow.

The outer layer is a pressed sinew plate. The middle layer is wood. The inner layer is pressed horn.

Short rigid tips for accuracy and speed.

Ideal for three finger draw but can be shot with two fingers or thumb with ease.


  1. Alan


    This bow shoots fast and smooth! I found myself underestimating its power at first. It is also beautiful to look at, such amazing craftsmanship. Master Grózer is quite the artisan. I am pleased with customer service here as well, which was friendly and informative. Shipping to USA was rather quick. I am very happy with my purchase.

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