Hand-painted Grozer Turkish biocomposite bow G/100


Draw-weight range: 30-55 pounds



Total length:53”
Length between siyahs: 37 ½
Length strung: 47 ½”
Max. draw length: 32”
Brace height :7 ¾”

Bow characteristics:

Precise replica of the original traditional Turkish recurve bow.

Covered in leather and hand-painted with traditional Turkish motifs. Painting is unique, choice of motifs depends on the artist, painting takes about 4 weeks after order.

This is a really short bow, as a result very dynamic. Suitable for thumb release as well as three finger draw up to 32”, which makes it the longest draw Turkish available anywhere.

More over it can be drawn very smoothly, due to the newest biocomposite technology.

The outer layer is a pressed sinew plate. The middle layer is wood. The inner layer is pressed horn.

Short rigid tips for accuracy and speed.


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