Kovacs Hungarian recurve bow K/02


Draw-weight range: 30-55 pounds


The Kovacs Magyar bow is one of the most popular among archers in Hungary. It is efficient, accurate and forgiving. We wholeheartedly can recommend this bow for both beginner and experienced archers. Elegant, clean curvy lines, quality leather finish (dyed cow hide).

Smooth draw, no shock. The hilt has a lacquered wooden plate on both sides on the leather cover, generating the least friction. Deer antler plates are also available.

Technical facts:

Draw-weight range: 30-55 pounds
Maximum draw length: 30″
Length: 146 cm
String length: 136 cm
Kovacs Hungarian recurve bow

The archer’s opinion:

Whether you are practicing target shooting or our for some hunting, these bows are a pleasure to use. Within reason, they are not prone to weather conditions.

Suggestion for draw-weight selections:

– for target-shooting, we suggest weaker ones (up to 45 pounds / 28 inches)
– for hunting, we suggest stronger ones (from 45 pounds / 28 inches).

Kovacs Hungarian recurve bow

These bows are made to order. When purchasing, please indicate your desired draw weight. If in doubt, please contact our helpful staff, describing your physique, expertise and use of the bow. Manufacturing may take up to 3 weeks.


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