Traditional Schytian recurve bow T/192


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Length: 52″
Length braced: 48″
Draw-weight range: 20-50 lbs / 26-28 inches


The Toth Scythian bows are beautiful products. They all have a nice leather coverage.

The typical Scythian warrior was a horseman who used archery as his prime offensive weapon.

Characteristic of a Scythian bow.

– It is very short.
– It has recurved tips.
– It has a setback centre section.
– The limbs are thick in proportion to their width.
– It is usually carried in a gorytos.
– It is primarily a cavalry weapon.

Technical facts:

The QuadRex Scythian bows are composite bows. The string is made out of „dacron”-which is a streatchable plastic, and we use „cevlar” for the string bandage.

* our adult bows’ draw-weights are measured at the standard 28”, but they have a draw-lenght from 26” to 32” usually.

– for target-shooting, we suggest weaker ones (up to 45 pounds / 28 inches)

– for hunting, we suggest stronger ones (from 45 pounds / 28 inches).

Please feel free to inquire about these products. There are more color options than you can see pictured..


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