Grozer Biocomposite Tatar bow G/530


The new Biocomposite technology
This bow has got a real C shape when it is unstrung. Quite short but can be drawn further then 30″. bows.



total length: 53”

length between siyahs: 37 ½”

length strung: 47 ½”

max. draw length: 32”

brace height: 7 ¾”

Biocomposite technology.
Actually it combines the laminated, the TRH laminated, the TRH Extra II laminated bows.
And to some extent the extra III bows as well. The bows made by this technology consist of the following materials: the middle layers of wood, the inner layer of pressed horn, while the outer layer of pressed sinew plate. These two layers are glued to the wooden plate by modern glue and the glued layer gets a fibre strengthening.
Due to these biocomposite materials and the modern technology these bows are faster then the simple laminated bows. They are appreciably soft and without any resonance when drawing.
These bows give almost the same shooting experience than a hornbow and even their appearance is similar, although the biocomposite bows are flatter.

Tatar biocomposite bow

This bow has got a real C shape when it is unstrung. Quite short but can be drawn further then 30″. The base of the bow is wood, the outer layer is an amber coloured, half-transparemt pressed sinew layer.
The inner side pressed horn in greyish-white, stained colour. Only the very end of the siyahs is rigid.
Dynamic, excitable, small bow, but it can be draw even with threefinger release.

Tatar biocomposite bow

Grozer Csaba Bowyer master:

Users instructions

When stringing the bow, the lower end of it mustn’t touch the ground and the upper end must be held and pressed under the bezel. The middle of the hilt should lean up on the inside part of the thigh, while the lower end of the bow above the bezel should lean up on the outside of your lower leg.
Before using set the string in the middle of the siyahs.
In the course of using the bow keep that part upwards where you can see the name Grozer.

Tatar biocomposite bow


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