L2 White Tatar laminated bow G/417


Light, dynamic bow. It can be drawn smoothly and it has got quite long draw length….

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Length: 44″
Length when drawn: 48,5″
Length of the string: 47″
Weight: 350g
Maximum draw length: 32″

Grozer Crimean-Tatar Laminated recurve bow

Made by using the latest laminated technology, this is a very light bow with a smooth draw, efficiency and great looks.

It surpasses all the other laminated technologies so far. Besides it is very stable, not inclined for cracking or unwinding. Much smoother to draw than the previous laminated bows.

Grozer Crimean-Tatar Laminated recurve bow

Grozer Csaba Bowyer master:

Users instructions

When stringing the bow, the lower end of it mustn’t touch the ground and the upper end must be held and pressed under the bezel. The middle of the hilt should lean up on the inside part of the thigh, while the lower end of the bow above the bezel should lean up on the outside of your lower leg.
Before using set the string in the middle of the siyahs.
In the course of using the bow keep that part upwards where you can see the name Grozer.

Grozer Crimean-Tatar Laminated recurve bow   





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