Horn plate and leather decorated Traditional Hungarian bow T/337

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These bows are custom manufactured so you can choose color and draw weight between 20 and 65 Lbs.

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The horn plate and leather decorated Hungarian recurve bow

Toth bows are composite bows.

They consist of 3 main parts:

The 2 end-parts, which are made out of nuts wood the hilt and the reflex-curves, which are made out of fibreglass covered by cow-leather.

The string is made out of dacron-which is a streatchable plastic, and we use cevlar for the string bandage. At the hilt, they have a horn plate, to make the bows surface smoother for the arrow.

recurve bow

Technical facts:

Draw-weight : 35-65 pound

Maximum draw length: 29″

The archer’s opinion:

The bows are very good sport and hunting bows.

Suggestion for draw-weight selections:

– for target-shooting, we suggest weaker ones (up to 45 pounds / 28 inches)

– for hunting, we suggest stronger ones (from 45 pounds / 28 inches).

recurve bow

recurve bow


recurve bow

recurve bow

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