Traditional Old Scythian recurve bow G/501


One of the last five Old Scythians ever made. Great budget bow.

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Very rare budget bow.

The typical Scythian warrior was a horseman who used a bow as his primary offensive weapon.

Grozer Old Scythian
Grozer Old Scythian

Characteristics of a Scythian bow.

– It is very short.
– It has recurved tips.
– It has a setback centre section.
– The limbs are thick in proportion to their width.
– It is usually carried in a gorytos.
– It is primarily a cavalry weapon.

The Grozer Scythian bows are composite bows

Csaba Grozer Users instructions

When stringing the bow, the lower end of it mustn’t touch the ground and the upper end must be held and pressed under the bezel. The middle of the hilt should lean up on the inside part of the thigh, while the lower end of the bow above the bezel should lean up on the outside of your lower leg.
Before using set the string in the middle of the siyahs.
In the course of using the bow keep that part upwards where you can see the name Grozer.

Grozer Old Scythian
Grozer Old Scythian

The C-shaped and composite bows should be strung crouching, the bow pressed to the knees. Before using set the string in the middle of the siyahs. If the siyahs twisted during the stringing of the bow, they have to be set to the middle as well by twisting it in the opposite direction.

If the C-shaped bows are strung improperly its asymmetry can be too much, so it should be twisted to the other direction to get the appropriate asymmetry of the limbs. (especially with the TRH and composite bows)

NEVER shoot an arrow straight up into the air. Don’t draw back and release the string without any arrows. NEVER lean on the bow when drawn. After use, take the string off. After extended use the string may get thready and need waxing.
When waxing, pull the wax onto the string with fast motions.

NEVER leave a drawn bow in direct hot sun or in a car that’s in hot sun.
If the bow gets very hot (e.g. having been carried in a car in summer) always wait until it cools down before stringing. NEVER draw the bow over the maximum draw length given above.

Grozer Old Scythian
Grozer Old Scythian


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