Traditional Mongolian recurve bow 25-65LBS T/639


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If you need a lasting budget bow that is made in your desired draw weight and colours, the Mongol recurve can be a great tool for both novice and advanced archers.

Traditional Mongol recurve bow
Traditional Mongol recurve bow

The “Altan Ord” (Golden Horde), founded by Batu Khan, got their name from the richly ornamented tents the lived in while they were wreaking havoc in Eurasia as far west as Hungary. As a division of the Mongol Empire, their territory quickly expanded to 6,000,000 km(2,300,000 sq mi). Considering that the fastest way of communication at that time was by mounted messengers, it boggles the mind how they could maintain such an empire for hundreds of years.

Traditional Mongol recurve bow
Traditional Mongol recurve bow

Their conquest was in no small part thanks to the Mongolian bow. Its ancestor, the Scythian recurve bow defined the shape of the Asiatic recurve bows. The one huge difference is that the Mongolian recurve has stiff tips, which adds to the speed of the bow. Coupled with the Manchurian string pad, while being more compact than the Manchurian bow, other nations had to either join with the Horde or perish.

Traditional Mongol recurve bow
Traditional Mongol recurve bow


This Mongolian is a composite fibreglass covered with cow leather. The tips are made of hard wood such as ash, cherry or pear. The string is made of dacron bandaged with kevlar.


Length: 143 cm/56 1/3″
Strung length: 135 cm/53″
Maximum safe draw length: 29″
Available draw weight: 25-65LBS
Manufacturing takes about 2-3 weeks

If you are not sure what draw weight to choose or have questions, please contact us. We can advise based on your physique, expertise, and the purpose of the bow.



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