Traditional Hunnis recurve bow 46LBS G/677


Horn plate decorated traditional Hunnish recurve bow


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total length: 63″
length between siyahs: 56 1/2″
length strung: 55 1/2″
draw weight:46#
max. draw length: 31″
brace height: 6″

Horn plate decorated traditional Hunnish recurve bow

The outer side of the limbs is covered in self-colured raw hide. Middle brown leather cover on the inner side of them.
The rigid tips are made of walnut wood. Their length is different. The handle plates and the strengtheing plates at the end are made of horn.
Brown bandage. Very asymmetric, fast and accurate bow. It requires a special hand holding.


The Huns (374 – 454 AD)

Nomadic and pastoral people of unknown ethnological affinities who originated in N central Asia, appeared in Europe in the 4th cent. A.D. ,
and built up an empire there. They were organized in a predominantly military manner.
Divided into hordes, they undertook extensive independent campaigns, living off the countries they ravaged.
The Huns have been described as short and of somewhat Mongolian appearance.
Their military superiority was due to their superior bows and their small,
rapid horses, on which they practically lived, even eating and negotiating treaties on horseback.

The Hun used an asymmetric shaped recurve bow, so they dont have restriction in using from the saddle of a horse.
Due to the short but very dynamic bows and they small and fast horses, the Huns was very fast and deadly force again every enemy.


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