Jarl – Traditional leather and wood quiver from Norbert Kulcsar belt construction KN/02


quiver quivers are unique, and as such, we will personally reach out to you after your order is placed to discuss the details. –  Capacity: ~ 20 arrows.


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The “Jarl” quiver offers lovers of traditional archery a special experience and a higher level of craftsmanship.
This quiver provides an even more complete and authentic experience. It has an antler cover, which lends it additional authenticity.
The neck and butt straps are also part of this quiver, which are decorated with precisely crafted fittings,
enhancing the quiver’s elegance and style.

The body of the quiver is made of the same premium quality wood as the “Valiant” Quiver, but the difference lies in the details.
The wooden body consists of precisely planed slats, which are carefully glued together to form an extremely strong and stable frame.
The back is made of a solid board, which ensures even greater stability and reliability.
The mantle is attached to the wooden back with small wooden nails and special fittings, thus ensuring the
It provides perfect hold and stability.

Like all my products, it is covered with premium quality leather. Goat leather is my most common choice because it provides outstanding durability and a pleasantly soft touch.
Of course, deer, horse or deer skin can also be used, so that archers can choose from even more diverse options.

The dimensions of the “Jarl” Quivers are determined by the dimensions of the reconstruction of Péter Bencsik’s Vukovári Quiver.
It is important to note that based on the arrows and Quiver parts found in the graves, we can see that the Quiver and the arrows were always together.
Unfortunately, time has degraded most of the natural materials in the excavated graves, so it is difficult to find information or only arrowheads were found in a bunch, which also indicates the existence of a quiver.
or arrowheads and pieces of quiver hardware, possibly pieces of antler covers.
Therefore, I used the surviving cover and neck straps and sole straps as a reference base for sizing to stay true to the original style, proportions and layout.

Respecting the traditional style and layout, I only change the length of the quiver,
to be as optimal as possible for your archery goals and preferences.

The “Jarl” quiver is a masterpiece designed for lovers of traditional archery.
The authentic design highlights the quiver’s unique beauty, characterized by attention to detail everywhere.

All quivers are unique, and as such, we will personally reach out to you after your order is placed to discuss the details.

Thank you for selecting our artisanal work.


Norbert Kulcsár,

the creator


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