Grozer Mongolian recurve bow G/627

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The traditional Mongolian recurve bow is made by Csaba Grozer, the world-famous master bowyer.


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Grozer quality assurance logo

The Traditional Mongolian recurve bow made by Csaba Grozer world-famous bowyer master

Draw weight range 30-65#
Total length 55″
Strung length 54″
Maximum draw length 32″
Brace height 7,3″

The outer side of the limbs is covered with pigskin. Brown cow leather cover on the inner side of them and on the handle. The rigid tips are made of ash wood. Fast, accurate bow with groove guides (string-pads). It can be drawn long.
The string is made of Dacron-which is a stretchable plastic, and we use  Kevlar for the string bandage.

Grozer Mongol base bow
Grozer Mongol base bow

The “Altan Ord” (Golden Horde), founded by Batu Khan, got their name from the richly ornamented tents the lived in while they were wreaking havoc in Eurasia as far west as Hungary. As a division of the Mongol Empire, their territory quickly expanded to 6,000,000 km(2,300,000 sq mi). Considering that the fastest way of communication at that time was by mounted messengers, it boggles the mind how they could maintain such an empire for hundreds of years.

Grozer Mongol base bow
Grozer Mongol base bow

Their conquest was in no small part thanks to the Mongolian bow. Its ancestor, the Scythian recurve bow defined the shape of the Asiatic recurve bows. The one huge difference is that the Mongolian recurve has stiff tips, which adds to the speed of the bow. Coupled with the Manchurian string pad, while being more compact than the Manchurian bow, other nations had to either join with the Horde or perish.

Grozer Mongol base bow
Grozer Mongol base bow

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    jtp.toxic (verified owner)

    This bow is too nice to be a “starter” bow (I say starter due to the fiberglass construction). The build quality is top notch. Its a good choice for someone who wants something more robust then a laminated bow and still wants to have it look more then just and entry bow (compared to Chinese made fiberglass bows for example). It does lack slightly in performance as there is a tiny bit of hand shock after the arrow is let loose, but this could also be due to the heavy ears, however its not an issue just worth pointing out in the review.

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